Our Consulting Service

Our Consutling Service

  1. IMO(Integration Management Office) Support
    • Operation planning of IMO
    • Decision making support of top management
    • Setting-up support of KPI
    • IMO and Functional Task Team Support
    • Progress management and modification of project plan
  2. New Entity Design after M&A
    • Policy making of new organization
    • Organization design support
  3. Functional Task Teams Operation Support
    • Progress management of functional teams and management reporting
    • Operational Supprot for functional task teams
  4. Communication Management
    • Communication plan design
    • Communication activity implementation
  5. Design New Business Process
    • Business process design under new organizations
  6. Role and Responsibility Definition
    • Role and responsibility configuration of each division
    • Role and responsibility confituration of each position
  7. Skill Configureation under New Organization
    • Required skill indenficaion under new business process
    • Skill gap-analysis of skill between As-Is and To-Be
    • Skill Identificaiton and prioritazation
  8. Trainig and Workshop Design and Facillitation
    • Training program development and workshop design
    • Training and workshop implementation plan development
    • Training and workshop faciliation