La Jolla Way for Post M&A Integration

Our Stance to PMI Consulting

We could say that the take-over boom seems to be gradually calmed down in Japan. However, merging companies or carving out some functions is still one of the most important and most strategic options to take for corporate executives, under the economically matured business environment in Japan.

We observed that most of corporate executives find themselves looking around “Pre-Merger” and too much concentrate on which company to buy and how much to pay. Needless to say, it is surely critical to evaluate financial value appropriately at “Pre-Merger” and “Due-Diligence” stages.

But we dare to say that “Post-Merger” is much more important to make a go of M&A. Even though you could find a best target to buy and you could calculate appropriate price to pay, you still might not get fruitful results without functioning your organizations under the merged new company. It means, we could say, that “Post-Merger Integration”, PMI, is much more important to make a success.

Therefore, we, La Jolla consulting, focus on "Post-Merger" stage. We can provide the professional and practical consulting services with highly professinalized manner, so that we can move client companies' business forward in the competive global business enviroment.

Customized Approach for Each Client

The Approach for PMI should be customized for each client, because each M&A has defferent business goals and each M&A adapts different ways to integrate two different organizations. La Jolla Consulting, basing on our capability and specialty on PMI, can identify the critical factors, select the most appropriate approach and provide practical supports for each different situation of client companies.