Our Achievements * incl. founders' individual achievments

Post Merger Integration and Financial Valutation    exerpt.

・Analyze and Evaluate medical info company's financial value (Medical info Co.)
・Analyze and Evaluate venture companies’ financial value (Venture Capital)
・Negotiate with telecom carrier on M&A (Medical Info Co.)
・Control and operate Project Management Office in PMI (U.S. Pharma Co.)
・Develop decision making scheme among senior managements (U.S. Pharma Co.)
・Design org structure, employee allocation, KPI setting, and reward system
・Design and implement communicaiton plan to Employees (U.S. Pharma Co.)
・Identify org. issues and develop implementation plan (U.S. Advertising Agency)
・Design and implement culture convergence in procurement dept. (EU Auto manufacturer)

International Business    exerpt.

・Develop investment strategy in European Market (Japanese Mobile Carrier)
・Found joint venture and developed business plan in China (Medical Info Co.)
・Research and indentify alliance partners in China (Medical Info Co.)
・Develop business and financial plans in China (Medical Info Co.)
・Design opearation process and training program in China(Japanese Major Retail Chain)
・Identify and prioritize HR issues for oversee office in China (Japanese Trading Co.)

Strategy Development    exerpt.

・Develop service strategy under broad-band environment (Telecom Co.)
・Develop sales channel strategy (Mobile Carrier)  
・Develop authentication business strategy (Telecom Co.)
・Develop Data Center business strategy (Telecom Co.)
・Develop business strategy for organic EL device (Japanese Chemical Co.)
・Develop IT related business strategy (Major Construction Contractor)
・ Develop new business creation strategy (Electric Power Co.)
・Develop R&D strategy (Electric Power Co.)

Transformation and Organizational Effectiveness    exerpt.

? Develop B2B sales process for IT solution vendor (Japanese computer manufacturer)
? Develop transformation programa for B2B sales reps and seniro managers
・Design development plan and system for B2B business sales repgs
・Design and facilitate autonomous problem solving workshop
・Design new business flow, using process reengineering method (Non-bank)
・Develop and implement for maketing plannig methodelogy for prescription dugs

Training and Workshop    exerpt.

・Design and facilitate cultural fusion programs for PMI (U.S. Pharma Co.)
・Develop and facilitate management training for senior managers(Heavy Indsutry Co.) 
・Develop and facilitate coaching trainig programs (Japanese computer manufacturer)
・Develop and facilitate leadership workshop (European Financial Group)
・Design and facilitate autonomous workshop for managers (U.S. Film Distributing Co.)
・Design and facilitate training program for managers in IT dept. (NPO)
・Define IT solution selling process and develop sales trainigs (Japanese System Integrator)

R&D, Information System and Others    exerpt.

・Develop organization strategy of IT Depart(Japanese Manufacturer)
・Configure RFP for new enterprise IT system (Major Hospital )
・Configure RFP for new enterprise IT system (U.S. Fast food chain)
・Research on industrial and technological competitiveness of Japan (government)
・Research on successful cases of R&D (Government)