Masaki Yamamoto, Founder & CEO

Masaki Yamamoto is a founder and CEO at La Jolla Consulting, Inc. and Kamakura Research Institute, after working for IBM Japan, the Japan Research Institute and Capgemini Japan. He is also a Part-time Lecturer at Graduate school, Kyushu Institute of Technology,

He has a lot of experience in strategic management consulting for Telecommunication, Energy and Information-System industries and several Public sectors. His specialties are business process improvement, new business development, organization design, R&D management and human resource development fields.

He wrote several books on management and R&D; "Reset ? Why based on Past Experience even after Premise has Changed?", "E Collaboration - Business Process Innovation using XML", "Successful R&D - 151 Actual Case Guideline 2001 for Competitiveness in International Market - R&D in US., EU, and Japan in the 21 Century", "Simulation of Earthquake Disaster - Dead or Alive"

Master of Engineering (Applied Physics) from University of Tokyo
MBA from Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California